Straight Pins, Safety Pins or Wonder Clips? video
Straight Pins, Safety Pins or Wonder Clips?
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Debby Brown's website summary describes her as a "designer and quilt enabler." Debby has been a Handi Quilter educator since 2005 and has inspired quilters all around the globe. In addition to teaching at retail shop events and guilds, Debby teaches at major quilt shows nationally and internationally, including International Quilt Festival (Houston), Australasian Quilt... Full bio »

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Pin it. Clip it. Stitch it! It's always fun to learn about new tools and also to see which ones your fellow quilters prefer to use.

In this Quilt & Sew Tips episode brought to you by Annie's Creative Studio, quilting expert Debby Brown reveals the benefits and drawbacks of using straight pins, safety pins and Wonder clips to secure fabrics while piecing.

In this episode, you'll learn how to:
  • Consider which options work best for you for holding fabric together.
  • Review a variety of specialty straight pins.
  • Use fabric clips in a new way.