Understanding Knit Skill Levels video
Understanding Knit Skill Levels
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Laura Scott is a lifelong crafter. She says, "On hot summer days in Pennsylvania, my best friend and I created 'stores' under several huge, old pine trees. We would gather leaves, flowers, sticks and pinecones to make artistic creations which we then bartered and sold to one other, each always vying to make the most original and unique pieces. A few years later, after learning... Full bio »

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Figuring out the skill level of a pattern isn't nit-picky theory that's too hard to figure out. You can know at a glance whether the pattern skill level is a good match for your experience and skills. We show you how!

In this Quilt & Sew Tips online video class brought to you by Annie's Creative Studio, VP of Products Laura Scott explains the stitch and technique knowledge needed to successfully knit designs in each of the six Annie's skill levels.

In this online video class, you'll learn how to:
  • Understand each of the six knit skill levels.
  • Choose projects that coincide with your skills.
  • Identify stitches and technique to master for the next level up.
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